Societe generale group for 10 years in a row“China's private enterprises500To be strong”
As industrial group“China's private enterprise unit benchmarking happiness”
Henan's largest private steel mills in international wealth center
City federation of trade unions“In the summer to send cool and refreshing”Into the sunshine headquarters site
“Love relay station”In prosperous times Washington gave nameboards activities
The housing market“Red”
Industrial real estate to promote deep management change
Societe generale yulan garden district grand making a room
Group party committee organized rallies party construction site
The third“Ten outstanding youth”Honor award
Societe generale group organize summer big production safety inspection
Societe generale group help donggang district this again14Good students“University of interpreta dream”
Volunteers if necessary“8.5”The west lake town flood disaster areas
Societe generale decoration“China state construction engineering decoration award”Review the successful completion of the acceptance of work

·Societe generale prosperous time in Washington    ·Spring city family
·The sun mansion    ·Dalian industrial garden
·Shun DE emperor scene   ·Sheraton

·Iron ore  ·Building materials   ·Asphalt  
·Coal  ·Foreign trade integrated services
·Chassis frame  ·Longitudinal beam  ·Stamping parts
·Commercial and retail·Property services ·Pawn shops·Small loans
·Greening landscape ·The concrete building materials dealer

【Industrial property】2019.9.18:On Saturday morning,Dalian industrial garden five period began to raise!The multiple gift to send!

【Societe generale group】2019.9.17:Societe generale group, the 11th photography contest winners!Witness image development!

【Industrial property】2019.9.17:Rizhao peak mansion!Societe generale sheraton residence building binhai new city life model

【Industrial property】2019.9.16:Last night!A group of lovely child with songs and dances here express patriotic feelings!Look!
【Inovance building materials】2019.9.13:The Mid-Autumn festival:Inovance for family and career“Happy”Efforts to struggle
【Industrial property】2019.9.12:Always have a suitable for you!Industrial property release new buildings Mid-Autumn festival to see map!
Societe generale group evaluated by Chinese society for the study of corporate culture“China's private enterprise unit benchmarking happiness”
Societe generale group was awarded“Rizhao donggang district2018The annual tax contribution”
Societe generale group was awarded“Private enterprises in shandong province100To be strong”The title of honor
Societe generale group in shandong province was named“The most competitive brand new era”
Societe generale group once again “Private enterprises in shandong”
Societe generale group2019Wonderful year Spring Festival gala
Societe generale group, the 14th workers sports meet held successfully
Societe generale group2018Wonderful year Spring Festival gala
Societe generale group2018In the association was held in the New Year
Societe generale group2018In Spring Festival gala show colorful selection activities
Societe generale“Dripping water”Major aid projects a warm start
Li xuan warm love, mutual funds and open heart operation
The continuous industrial group11Years of unpaid blood donation activities
To the industrial group1700An aged widows and widowers or adopt children giving love moon cakes
“Financial aid”To help again20A poor student interpreta dream university
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