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       Jinxiu household co., LTD,Is a production and sales all kinds of green sheet。The company covers an area of65000Square meters,Has a modern plant and fine and efficient management team。The company has four standardization of automatic production line,With professional and technical personnel is configured to pivot,Can be reached5Thousand excellent green home plate,Like veneers、UVPlate, etc,And supporting the production of various interior doors、Real wood door、Wardrobe door、Kitchen cabinet door、Interior decoration door and other auxiliary materials,Is a bigger plate YuXiNa area production enterprise。

        In this company“Is great for the kernel、Pray for the small、Opens the supreme、Win-win development”Is the management idea,To ensure the quality of products and continuously improve the quality of our service。The company's products are widely used:All kinds of furniture manufacturing、Household decoration、Interior decoration、Whole wardrobe、Integral kitchen、Commercial partition、The whole suite、Of children room decorate……Our efforts,Will bring you splendid prospect;Our manufacturing,Will accompany your life in every corner。Choose us,Is to choose the wealth;Choose us,Is to choose the health。We hand in hand,Will the real interpretation:Even the arts。We're here,Look forward to cooperation with you。

       We believe that our cooperation will be happy and long!


Case presentation

  • Splendid·HD-707·C03


  • Jinxiu wooden door

    Jinxiu wooden door

  • Jinxiu plank·Pear wood04

    Jinxiu plank·Pear wood04

  • Jinxiu plank·Walnut10

    Jinxiu plank·Walnut10

  • Jinxiu plank·Walnut11

    Jinxiu plank·Walnut11

  • Jinxiu plank·Walnut in Europe

    Jinxiu plank·Walnut in Europe

  • Jinxiu plank·Cherry wood

    Jinxiu plank·Cherry wood




Tanghe county of henan province FuNiu road and east shengxin road engineering intersection100M

Tanghe splendid furniture co., LTD,Specialize in Jinxiu wooden doorJinxiu veneersSplendidUVPlateJinxiu engineering door And so on,Please consult our interested customers,Contact phone number:13937780819

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